Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products 3D printed?

Yes indeed! 3D Printing technology is the main reason these products exist at all. It allows a faster development cycle and more importantly immediate design updates based on user input. At StageStrike we're always listening to our user's feedback and the best ideas tend to end up in production.

Best of all, it allows it to be a product Made in America by an American Business 🤘😎🤘

Do you use cheap plastic?

Not according to our accounting software.

The most common used material in 3D printing is PLA, but we don't use it because we know our products are also used outdoors at festivals where PLA would easily deform with heat. We use high quality ASA which is UV resistant, tougher all around and doesn't care about the weather.

Why don't you sell the .stl files?

Although simple design, the packHolder/miQb system is something innovative that didn't exist, reason for which it has patent pending status.

Our lawyers advise against releasing our .stl files at least until the patent has cleared, then we will revisit the subject.

Now, the files that are not subject to patent we will even share with the community for free, so stay tuned for when that happens.