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The packHolder from StagsStrike revolutionizes the organization and deployment of wireless packs for techs.

No matter the number or type of packs needed, our packHolders can accommodate and streamline your setup.

A top choice for corporate A/V techs, this kit eliminates the frustration of randomly scattered wireless lav packs.

Keep your packs secure and tidy with this set of 4 packHolders. Not only will your gear thank you, but your company also gains a polished and professional image - a triple victory!

Shure compatible model fits P10R, P10TR, P9HW, P3R, P3RA, ULXD1, QLXD1, GLDX1 packs.

Sennheiser compatible model fits EK IEM G4, SK 100 G4, EK 300 IEM G3,SK 100 G3, EK 100 G3, EW-D SK and  EW-DX packs

Set contains:

  • 4 x packHolder.

* Wireless packs not included.

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A modular system made to suit your particular workflow.

Individually, stacked or all of the above.

Mess out, Order in

Dealing with wireless packs, whether transmitters or receivers, can be a real pain to organize, but with the packHolder/miQb system, you'll be left wondering why it wasn't around sooner!

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In corporate fashion

Don't let those lav packs roam free. Stay ahead of the game, acting like a pro and dressing the part.

Eyes on the prize

Assemble your own packHolder Totem to make sure you (and your artist) have those IEM packs at arm's reach.

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Taking the heat

Outdoor festivals are not a problem, our products are printed in lightweight UV resistant ASA plastic so that you don't to worry about the summer heat. You might want to keep yourself well hydrated though.

My first impression was "Why did this not exist already?"

Marc Llopis (Monitor Engineer for Alejandro Sanz)