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packTotem doubleClip

packTotem doubleClip

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If your packTotem is growing too long then it's time to double up the space. Literally double up your capacity with this clip and hang up to 16 packs on one single mic stand.

Just for funsies: How much space would all those packs occupy on a tech table...?

Set contains:

  • 1 x packTotem double clip.
  • 1 x packTotem double support clip (small).

* Wireless packs and packHolders not included.

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Make it a double, please

When pack start piling up you need to bring the big guns...

Mess out, Order in

Put your packs right where you need them. Thread the packTotem clip onto any straight mic stand and hang up to 16 packHolders. Talk about space saving...

In corporate fashion

No more lav packs randomly lying around. Get ahead of the curve, be that guy that works like a pro and looks like a pro.

Buy 8-Pack

My first impression was "Why did this not exist already?"

Marc Llopis (Monitor Engineer for Alejandro Sanz)