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 Whether you wireless pack is a transmitter or a receiver, it's always nice being able to hang its companion IEM or microphone along with it. That's what the iemClip is for. Just attach it to the front slot of any single packHolder and you're all set.

Set contains:

  • 4 x iemClip.
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Pack deployment made easy

No more searching around for packs, put'em where you see'em!

At an arms reach

If you have performer that rather have their pack right there at their station, the soloClip is the right solution. Snap it on your performers' mic stand and hang the packHolder right where they need it.

IEM your friend

When used for IEMs, combine it with our iemClip so you can conveniently coil up your earphone cable to protect it and have it readily available.

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My first impression was "Why did this not exist already?"

Marc Llopis (Monitor Engineer for Alejandro Sanz)