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This key literally unlocks even more organization. With the keyClip you can mate a miQb with a packHolder so that you conveniently have a pack and a handheld in the same spot.

A carabiner clip makes sure this set of eight(8) keyClips always stays together.


  • 8 x keyClip
  • 1 x Carabiner Clip

* miQb and packHolder not included

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Best of both worlds

Group your packs and handhelds to save even more space

Leave no margin for error

You're never sure if a presenter will use a lavalier/headset or handheld mic, and you don't want to worry about handing out two units on the same frequency. By grouping your pack/handheld pairs you can easily keep track of which transmitters are on stage.

Color code it

If you want to get even more rigorous, color code your pairs. Leave the guesswork out if it.

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My first impression was "Why did this not exist already?"

Marc Llopis (Monitor Engineer for Alejandro Sanz)