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Not every situation calls for a microphone stand, as a matter of fact when dealing with several wireless mics, stands become inconvenient. Meet miQb (yup, you guessed it, pronounced: "mic cube"), the table top modular base that will take care of your mics, organize them and even make you look good.

This is the building block of your miQb system, stack and lock any amount in any direction.

Compatible with most Shure and Sennheiser wireless handhelds.


  • 1 x miQb

* Microphone and batteries not included.

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miQb(eco) now available!

If your team is big on saving the planet, this miQb is the perfect match with its SB series battery slot.

A modular system made to suit your particular workflow.

Individually, stacked or all of the above.

  • Mess out

    All too often this is your tech table, wireless handhelds randomly lying around just wating to fall, not anymore!

  • Order in

    miQbs help you recover desk real estate, organize and protect your mics all while looking like a pro. Techin' neat! we call it.

In corporate fashion

Tech drapes used to be for hiding your mess, now you can show your neatly organized tech table with pride.

Shop 4-Pack

Got juice?

miQb's convenient battery pockets allow you to be prepared from the get go, literally set and forget.

Taking the heat

Outdoor festivals are not a problem, our products are printed in lightweight UV resistant ASA plastic so that you don't to worry about the summer heat. You might want to keep yourself well hydrated though.